The name O/PURIST is an anagram of the word tsipouro. It is a daring, adventurous, Greek spirit addressed to an international audience. A starting point for exceptional cocktails, it exhibits strong roots in local tradition and history. It is a balanced grape marc distillate of Greece’s finest grape varieties and endemic herbs, fruits and spices, a spirit that expresses the terroir of Greece. Moreover, it embraces a community of like-minded people and organizations to promote sustainability, localization and responsible drinking.

O/PURIST tsipouro is a project led by 10 Greek Bartenders, with distinguished careers both in Greece and abroad.
Together, they dreamt of evolving the traditional Greek tsipouro into a refined spirit for the international, contemporary bar scene. An innovative spirit that would keep its authentic character but at the same time would inspire creativity in cocktail recipes.

O/PURIST tsipouro is an innovative spirit combining superior quality, craftsmanship and heritage. At the same time, it is closely connected to Greek local communities.

O/PURIST tsipouro redefines tradition, introducing a refined distillate for the creation of signature cocktails.
Its innovative production method makes it a spirit with a distinct aroma and taste, true to its heritage and vision.
It is a crystal clear spirit that combines unique, complex and balanced aromas. On the nose one can sense delicate citrussy white grapes with faint pear and brown bread notes also. On the mouth one can taste moderate spirituous spice with minerality and delicate fresh pear and white grape. The sweetness of the grape notes balance with the spices and herbs enriching the tasting experience.

Mild notes of honey and chocolate add a hint of sweetness to its aftertaste.
A balanced, soft, fine spirit with a rich body and a long aftertaste. A clean, fresh and contemporary tsipouro.

O/PURIST tsipouro is, by nature, a sustainable spirit since it is produced by the distillation of grape marcs, and makes use of the part that is not used in the wine making procedure.

It supports circular economy and it is a distillate that produces the energy it consumes. The grape skins from the first distillation produce bio gas in the Epilektos Facility while other extracts are turned into bio fertiliser.

This way, O/PURIST minimizes its environmental footprint.

Part of the proceeds from O/PURIST are donated to Metron Ariston-Making responsibility a trend, a non-profit company supported by the 10 Greek Bartenders for the benefit of Localization, Discerning Drinking & the Bartending Community.

  • Use reusable straws or even better, no straws at all:
    Straws from stainless steel, wheat, paper, bamboo.
  • Rethink how ice is used.
    More premixed and chilled cocktails in bottles and on tap; fewer drinks shaken with ice. Use only fresh ice in glass.
  • Use themed sustainability menus.
  • Reduce plastic packaging:
    e.g. Get fruits delivered in bulk.
  • Reduce paper napkins or even better, replace them with cork – based coasters.
  • Fewer drinks served in martini glasses.
    Narrower glasses such as Collins or highballs maximize space on a dishwasher rack, cutting down on water usage.
  • Avoid using one-use decorations in cocktails (plastic monkeys, umbrellas).
  • Explore sustainable cocktails:
    Recycle “waste products” into cocktail ingredients. The ultimate goal is to become zero waste. If lime juice is squeezed, the peel is zested to flavor syrups.
  • Seek out the best of local produce and use only seasonal fruits. Evaluate where products and spirits come from and how they are made, grown, and transported.
    Choose products that don’t require extensive shipping, thus you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Use reused take away glasses for cocktails: e.g. coconut sells.
  • Recycle (food scraps etc.).