O/PURIST tsipouro is an innovative spirit combining superior quality, craftsmanship and heritage. At the same time, it is closely connected to Greek local communities.

Tsipouro is a spirit of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certified by the EU. A high quality, historical grape marc distillate with a major impact in local communities.

Ο/PURIST is a redefined tsipouro, keeping its roots in tradition while at the same time aiming at making tsipouro an international distillate.

The production of tsipouro is strongly connected to the Greek countryside and has greatly supported the local economy. For centuries, it has supplemented the income of vine growers, helped hundreds of families make a living and kept residents of remote areas in Greece from internal migration.

Ο/PURIST tsipouro, produced in the winery/distillery of the Vasdavanos family in Tyrnavos, Thessaly, supports a wide range of local professionals, from farmers, workers, to suppliers of packaging materials, carriers and local public services.

One of the main aspects of a fine spirit is the quality of its ingredients. The recipe of Ο/PURIST tsipouro includes grape varieties of the finest quality: Malagouzia, Roditis and Ugni Blanc.

The Greek varieties of Malagouzia and Roditis give a botanic, floral touch to the distillate. The variety of Ugni Blanc, is found around the world. However, the cultivations in Greece have a different, local character and express the uniqueness (or the unique character) of the Greek terroir. The Greek varieties stand out for their rich aroma, an outcome of advanced farming techniques, the biodiversity of Greece and the ideal climate and dry soil.

The VASDAVANOS DISTILLERY, where Ο/PURIST is produced, is located in an area that has a history in vine-growing (Tyrnavos, Larissa). The family collaborates closely with selected local vine growers to ensure the highest quality of grapes each year. Grapes are handpicked and carefully transferred in crates in minimum time to the distillery.

O/PURIST tsipouro is a living spirit, strongly connected to Greek nature, its soil, grapes and the fine aromas of herbs, fruits and spices. It also carries the ethical, warm and open character of the people of the Greek countryside, who struggle for perfection through hard work, persistence and passion.

The VASDAVANOS DISTILLERY, where Ο/PURIST is produced, counts three generations of tradition in distillation. The art of distillation passes on from father to son, while the state of the art equipment ensures a top quality product. The distillery is equipped with sophisticated means of grape reception and storage, in order to guarantee that they remain in ideal conditions and to minimize the time from collection to production.

Ο/PURIST tsipouro reflects the authenticity and vast heritage of the popular, Greek, historic local spirit of tsipouro, offering a new twist to its taste and way of consumption.

The long history of tsipouro begins around 500 BC, when the first reference of grape marc distillate appears, by the term “trimma”. Its production evolves during the 14th century by Greek Orthodox monks on Mount Athos in Macedonia, Greece. The idea was later passed on to vine growers throughout Greece.
Throughout the centuries, tsipouro has evolved from a home brewed spirit to a spirit of international standards, while remaining true to its traditional character.
Ο/PURIST tsipouro aspires to spread the values of this local spirit to the international bar scene.

  • Use reusable straws or even better, no straws at all:
    Straws from stainless steel, wheat, paper, bamboo.
  • Rethink how ice is used.
    More premixed and chilled cocktails in bottles and on tap; fewer drinks shaken with ice. Use only fresh ice in glass.
  • Use themed sustainability menus.
  • Reduce plastic packaging:
    e.g. Get fruits delivered in bulk.
  • Reduce paper napkins or even better, replace them with cork – based coasters.
  • Fewer drinks served in martini glasses.
    Narrower glasses such as Collins or highballs maximize space on a dishwasher rack, cutting down on water usage.
  • Avoid using one-use decorations in cocktails (plastic monkeys, umbrellas).
  • Explore sustainable cocktails:
    Recycle “waste products” into cocktail ingredients. The ultimate goal is to become zero waste. If lime juice is squeezed, the peel is zested to flavor syrups.
  • Seek out the best of local produce and use only seasonal fruits. Evaluate where products and spirits come from and how they are made, grown, and transported.
    Choose products that don’t require extensive shipping, thus you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Use reused take away glasses for cocktails: e.g. coconut sells.
  • Recycle (food scraps etc.).